Young Adult Dystopian Author


The State Series, Book Four

Some discoveries lead to breakthrough while others lead to break-down.

The State is on the brink of change; colonization is on the horizon. The brightest minds are the States greatest asset in their quest to expand control to a new planet.

Hope, a thirteen-year-old prodigy is brought outside the protective dome, dutifully accepting her role as a part of a collective team of scientists. The team is on the cusp of bringing colonization into reality until an accident robs her of her memories and leaves her completely alone.

A community of survivors living outside the dome discover Hope and give her a new life. When her memories return, she is torn between two worlds. The State contains safety and the life she always wanted. Returning would expose the existence of her new family, leading to their destruction.

The accident changes Hope’s life, the future of the State, and those who live beyond.