Science Fiction & Fantasy Author


The State Series, Book One

Choice is a luxury nobody can afford.

Sixteen-year-old Freya knows the State has already mapped out her life under the dome: her job, her apartment, even her future spouse and children. When she finds her assigned spouse waiting in her new home, Freya’s resigned to her fate.

Falling for Colin isn’t part of the plan, but there’s something about him Freya can’t resist. When his dark secret threatens their lives, she’s forced to weigh her survival against their happiness.

Will Freya choose her elite future, or will Colin convince her to sacrifice everything for love?


The State Series, Book Two

Just when Freya thought her world couldn’t get any darker, the unthinkable happens; an attack on the dome.

When Freya is too close to the attack for Victor’s comfort, he reveals a new element of her duties and an entire second level of their world. Hidden in the military underground, she trains to take her safety into her own hands. 

She soon discovers Victor’s motivations have less to do with her safety and more to do with turning her into a weapon against the rebellion.

Fueled with anger, hurt, and fear, Freya leaves the security of the State House walls. Her life spins in a new direction, and she finds strengths she didn’t know she possessed and a long trail of deceit and lies.

Compliance is all she’s ever known. Now, her future is conflicted.


The State Series, Book Three

Some wounds run so deep, not even time can heal them.

Freya is a double agent. Torn between two civilizations, she now questions if every moment will be her last.

Freya questions if the State and rebellion can ever coexist, or if one side needs to be eliminated.

Freya’s conflicted feelings have past. Walking boldly down a dark and corrupted path, she is willing to risk everything, even if it leaves blood on her hands.


The State Series, Book Four

Some discoveries lead to breakthrough while others lead to break-down.

The State is on the brink of change; colonization is on the horizon. The brightest minds are the States greatest asset in their quest to expand control to a new planet.

Hope, a thirteen-year-old prodigy is brought outside the protective dome, dutifully accepting her role as a part of a collective team of scientists. The team is on the cusp of bringing colonization into reality until an accident robs her of her memories and leaves her completely alone.

A community of survivors living outside the dome discover Hope and give her a new life. When her memories return, she is torn between two worlds. The State contains safety and the life she always wanted. Returning would expose the existence of her new family, leading to their destruction.

The accident changes Hope’s life, the future of the State, and those who live beyond.


The State Series, Book Five

Lies.  Betrayal.  Rebellion. It all began with Chastity.  

The daughter of brilliant scientists, Chastity plans to follow in their footsteps and work for The State.  She’s never wondered what’s beyond the protective dome covering her city or dreamed of threats lurking on the horizon.

When tragedy strikes and she’s thrust into the middle of a brewing rebellion, Chastity discovers nothing is as it seems.  She’s forced to face the dark truth of her past. Everyone wants to use her and nobody can be trusted… not even her own family. 

How can she choose what’s right when she’s betrayed on all sides?

Find out where it all started in Book 5 of The State Series. The emotion of the Hunger Games meets the intrigue of Ender’s Game.


The State Series, Book Six

Death before disloyalty… unless love’s involved.  

Lewis knows exactly who he is: a soldier of the State. He throws himself into every assignment with enthusiasm, running into danger without hesitation.

When Lewis rescues Freya from an attack, his mission turns to intrigue. Sent undercover to stop the rebellion, Lewis and Freya grow closer. But he begins to fear Freya’s been seduced by the enemy…

Will Lewis choose the only woman he’s ever loved over a lifetime of service?

Bestselling author M. J. Kaestli’s unique society blends the broken Utopia of Matched with the corruption and stakes of The Hunger Games. Conspired asks how you live when everything you believe is corrupted.


The State Series, Book Seven

The stunning conclusion to the bestselling dystopian romance series The State Series.

Freya lost everything—sacrificed everything—for nothing.
The peaceful existence Freya hoped for is destroyed by the State’s vengeance. They haunt her footsteps, tracking her outside the dome until nowhere—and nobody—is safe.

Fleeing into the unknown, Freya and Colin are desperate to find somewhere beyond the State’s reach. But danger stalks them and their allies. They’re left with one option: take down the State once and for all.

Will Freya destroy the State by shattering everything she loves?

Nobody will escape unscathed as the secrets of the State are finally revealed.