Young Adult Dystopian Author

Broken Castles

Broken Crowns Series, Book 2

She’s a princess who lost her kingdom. He’s a politician who wants blood. Can Princess Ophelia survive in this strange new land?

It only took one guard. Just as Maisie settles into her new life, her cover identity gets blown. With the hefty price Queen Eugenia offered for Maisie’s death, there is only one choice for her: run.

Maisie flees Ashyia in search of a place to hide beyond the reach of her dangerous stepmother. The wastelands weren’t at all what she had feared, but they are far from safe. Although she finds a powerful ally, his price might be a higher cost than she can bear. The lines between justice and revenge become blurred.

What price will Maisie pay to reclaim her crown?

Broken Castles is the second novel in M. J. Kaestli’s thrilling new YA dystopian series. Full of political intrigue, suspense, and royal romance, this Snow White fairytale retelling will keep you turning pages.

Grab your copy and prepare for treachery at every turn!