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Compliant Book Blurb

Hello Everyone,
As the countdown is on to release my first book, I wanted to share the back cover description with you. See below.

Compliant, Book One of the State Series

The modern world has fallen. Freedom is a luxury only found in history books.

The world outside is no longer safe or inhabitable. All survivors have been saved under a protective dome. There, the State sees and hears all. Everything is recorded under their watchful eye, and reported according to their strict laws. The State provides all life’s necessities to its surviving citizens, as long as they are in turn, compliant.

Freya is approaching sixteen, the age at which the State reveals the life it has selected for her. Soon she will learn if she is destined to become a common laborer or selected for something more—chosen for reproduction, or even to serve the State itself.

Even though she has always been compliant, nothing feels safe to her. Freya doesn’t know if she can trust anyone, or ever truly fall in love. The State has always shown her favor, yet she is continually discovering their favor comes with a rather hefty price.

Will she blindly comply to the life laid out for her? Or will she fight for what she feels should rightfully be hers?

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