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Conflicted Book Blurb

Hello Again!

As I am releasing Compliant (book one) and Conflicted (book two) a week apart, I would like to share the back cover description with you.


Conflicted, Book Two of the State Series

Just when Freya thought her world couldn’t get any darker, the unthinkable happens; an attack on the dome.

After being too close to the attack for Victors comfort, he reveals a new part of her duties and an entire second level of their world. She is brought below into the military underground where she trains to take her safety into her own hands.

She soon discovers Victor’s motivations have less to do with her safety and more to do with turning her into a weapon against the rebellion.

Fueled with anger, hurt, and fear, Freya leaves the security of the State house walls. Her life spins in a new direction, and she finds strengths she didn’t know she possessed and a long trail of deceit and lies.

Compliance is all she’s ever known. Now, her future is conflicted.


Thank you for reading. I have received such an amazing response to Compliant, I am so excited to share this book with you also.

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