Young Adult Dystopian Author

Broken Crowns

Broken Crowns Series, Book 1

A princess on the run. The rogue that captures her heart. Is love worth losing her kingdom?

On her sixteenth birthday, Princess Ophelia expects to be crowned queen per her divine right. Instead, her stepmother seizes the throne and puts a price on Ophelia’s head. Deceived and outmaneuvered, the princess flees, vowing to reclaim her crown.

Ophelia hides on a rural farm, surrounded by strangers who could discover her identity at any moment. Every day puts her realm further out of reach and brings her one step closer to the executioner. But a growing relationship with a captivating black-market dealer has Ophelia questioning whether being queen is really what she wants. When Ophelia has the chance to escape her stepmother’s reach forever, she must decide whether duty and purpose outweigh her chance at happiness.

Will Ophelia fight for her kingdom…or her heart?

Broken Crowns is the first novel in M. J. Kaestli’s thrilling YA dystopian series, and is full of political intrigue, suspense, and royal romance. Perfect for fans of Kiera Cass’s The Selection Series and Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles, this Snow White fairytale retelling will keep you turning pages.